Friday, September 5, 2008

A Government and Election Study

I think I have been won over to the ebook.

I wanted to do some sort of government/elections study with the kids. In our studies, we have reached the point in history where the Forefathers are drafting up the constitution.

It seemed a good time to stop and spend some time on the workings of our Government and the election system, what with the election and all.

I looked around the CurrClick website for a while. There were many unit studies to choose from, but many were either too in depth or too time intensive or too young or too old. I was not looking for a replacement curriculum, just a bunny trail. I did not want to make a lap book or spend too much time doing activities. My kids are a bit older, so I didn’t want anything too babyish either. We’re a bit beyond cutting and pasting here.

This is what I have settled on: A Journey Through Learning’s American Government and the Election Process. It is almost exactly what I was looking for. I purchased it and downloaded it immediately. (LOVE THAT). Then I printed off three copies and put it into three, three ring binders for each of the students that will be using it.

This was a bit hard on the old printer, and used quite a bit of ink, but I did not have to wait, and it would have cost much more than $8.25 to buy three copies elsewhere; not to mention the gas to pick them up or the cost of shipping. So even with the cost of printer ink, I still think it was a good deal.

I thought it was laid out nice and simply. Basically you read one section, then look up the underlined words and write the definitions in the vocabulary section. I really liked this, as I feel like my kids need some practice with the dictionary. And extra handwriting practice never hurts. Sometimes that is all for the day, and sometimes there is an extra activity page. It is not too much. Today the kids were to write out all the states they could remember on a blank map of the United States. When they were done they were to fill in the rest they couldn’t remember, by looking at a labeled map. We made a bit of a contest out of it to see who could remember the most without looking.

The level of difficulty is just right for us also. My dyslexic 8th grader find’s it a bit simple, but he is still learning, my 6th grader is probably just right for it, and it is a bit tough for my dyslexic 4th grader. We do it all together, and I think the kids get a bit more out of it then they would if we did it separately.

We still have probably two weeks left, making this a three week journey into our Government and the Election process.

I have enjoyed the first week and think this will be a very fruitful little bunny trial.

If you would like to see samples, click on the Curr Click icon on the left, then type in A Journey Through Learning's American Government and the Election Process Into the search bar. You’ll be happy to know it is on sale right now too, so it’s $8.25 instead of the normal $11.00.

Happy Homeschooling!

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