Monday, December 29, 2008

Online Piano lessons

Okay, here’s the ugly truth about homeschooling. Some things really do fall through the cracks. We are not a musical family so around here, music falls through the cracks.

I’ve occasionally paid for piano lessons but it quickly got cost prohibitive with 4 children. This was several years ago.

There is an alternative now to regular piano lessons!

Online piano lessons

Now these lessons are geared to the younger set. The company is called Kinderbach. I had my girls get on and watch some of the lessons. I must admit that my girls found it a bit babyish, which is no surprise since it is geared for 3 to 7 year olds and my girls are 9 & 11.

I wish I’d found this little gem a few years ago.

Here is what the developer of Kinderback had to say…

KinderBach is piano lessons for 2-7 year olds taught by DVDs, Activity Books, and CDs. Children learn the notes on the piano and staff by characters rather than letters. I have taught hundreds of students, and I know that your child does NOT have to be able to read to learn piano.

KinderBach not only teaches piano, but other factors of music. Music theory, note reading, rhythm, ear training, hand position and much much more!

KinderBach was designed to give your child the over all music foundation. Your child can take everything they have learned from KinderBach and apply it to another instrument or continue further with piano. KinderBach was designed to be a spring board, taking this information and just going to endless bounds with what they have learned!

Here is the pricing structure for Kinderbach…

You can try level’s one and two (that’s two weeks worth of lessons) for free by clicking on Level One, and the Level Two buttons. When you click on Level Three you will be asked for a password.

The online learning center membership is available as Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Gold and Silver prices are not up on the website yet, however the Bronze membership is $14.95 a month or $85.95 1 time yearly payment. Bronze level gives you to access to all web lessons and accompanying PDFs. Silver allows access to the lessons and PDFs, but also gives you 60 familiar piano/karaoke songs. Gold membership gives you unlimited access to the web lessons, PDFs, and songs.

It is also possible to purchase DVD’s of this program here.

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