Sunday, December 21, 2008


Puppettools is website all about puppets, but it is not as simple as it might appear on the surface. Here is what Dr Jeffrey L. Peyton the founder of Puppet tools has to say.

What are the implications of play for Education at all levels? It represents a
shift from the current print-anchored model into a communication-driven
model of Education.

The idea that paper can be employed as a symbolic language and used as an
emotive-conceptual lightning rod to harness and channel play energy into
communication for teaching and learning is revolutionary.

Play-infused communication represents a fundamental shift away from the
economic and emotional domination of the learning culture by corporate
and political power brokers into a culture made free, far less costly, and
more creative and humane—essentially a world of learning more alive,
brain-friendly, and life-affirming.

This is a site full of information about how to make and use puppets, yes, but it also is a very informative site regarding play and its importance in the way we learn.

You can go here to see the pricing structure.

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