Monday, January 26, 2009

All About Homophones

All About Homophones is an ebook that teaches you, you guessed it, all about homophones. This is put out by the same company who created All About Spelling. Let me just say, this company is nothing if not thorough. This is a wonderful resource.

Personally, I like to teach these kinds of things in a more relational manor, as they come up. For instance, let’s say you’re reading Truman’s Aunt Farm, a Five in a Row book. You would find that the whole point to the book is a misunderstanding due to the whole Aunt/ant thing. While you are working on the Language Arts section you’ll notice in the Five in a Row manual that they talk a lot about homophones. This would be a great time to get out the All About Homophones book!

I really like that they have lists of homophones broken down into grade level, and they also have several worksheets and games broken down into grade level as well. Your child can make what they call ‘Graphic organizers’ which are basically pages your child makes with words, pictures, sentences and definitions of various homophones.

I am glad to have this ebook sitting on my virtual curriculum shelf to pull out when the homophone strikes.

The cost for this book is $29.95 for the hardcopy and $27.95 for the ebook.

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