Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bible Story Songs

I am terrible at memorizing. The only way I can remember things is if they are put to a tune. If someone sings it, it’s stuck in my brain forever. This is evidenced by the fact that I can recite to you most ‘80s pop music from memory.

I realized several years ago that my children have the same tendency I do, to remember things set to a tune. It is for that reason we’ve begun collecting Bible Song CD’s. Mostly we use them to help the kids memorize their AWANA verses. But here’s the cool thing, I am remembering them too. I just have to make sure when I recite a verse to a friend or in an adult situation that I actually say it and not sing it!

We on the TOS Crew were sent this CD of Bible Story Songs to review. It was a good CD and we enjoyed it.

This is the list of songs and if you go here, you can actually click on the songs and listen to a sample of each one of them.


1. The BIBLE - BSS Theme Song
2. By Faith We Understand
3. By the Word of Jehovah
4. God Said to Moses
5. These Words Which I Command
6. The Spirit of Jehovah
7. Like the Wind That Blows
8. Books of Bible, Old Testament
9. Oh, The Grass Will Wither
10. I Believe the Promises
11. In All the World
12. Psalm119 Declares
13. Books of the Bible, Old Testament, Rhythm
14. These Have Been Written
15. Christ Would Be the One
16. In Patterns and Parables
17. No Man Ever
18. Books of the Bible, New Testament
19. The Words I Speak
20. It Is Living, Word of God
21. I've Got the Living Word
22. Oh, What a Seed
23. How Sweet, Thy Words
24. Like Newborn Babes
25. Books of the Bible, New Testament, Rhythm
26. Let the Word of Christ Dwell
27. Yes, In My Bible
28. These Are Those
29. Holy Bible, Oh, The Very Thought
30. Books of the Bible, Old and New
31. Receive With Meekness
32. Your Word Is Truth

The music is a bit young sounding for my now older kids, but overall we found this to be a well made CD filled with Truth. The price is good at $9.99 and you get a discount if you buy more than one CD. They have several wonderful CD’s to choose from like Moses, Matthew, and David.

They also sale transparencies and sheet music to accompany the CD's if you so desire. Being that my skill with music ends at appreciating it, I will stick with the CD's myself.

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