Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Write Shop Story Builders

There is nothing that makes me happier than a reinforcement tool for my homeschool that are good, inexpensive, and not age specific. Love that!

When I was sent Write Shop Story Builders I was thrilled. Honestly, I am having so much fun doing creative writing with my girls. They are interested, and really enjoy writing. The things they come up with crack me up!

Here is how it works. Go here. Choose from three Story Starters including World of People, World of Animals, World of Sports, and a Mini Christmas Book, and download it. Then read the instructions on how to print. It’s not complicated; you just need to print them on colored paper so it is easier to organize.

Then you cut out the little cards and organize them into sections. The sections are character cards, character traits, setting cards, and plot cards. Have your child choose one card from each pile and start writing. The combinations are virtually endless. For instance you could end up with a story about a cunning bully on a submarine who hears strange music, or a humble gardener in a swamp who finds a lost animal.

Really, these are such fun items to add to your homeschool. We do a lot of journal writing in our homeschool and these were a really, really good addition to that. And, they’re $7.95. You can’t beat that!

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