Monday, November 30, 2009

Professor in a Box: Financial Accounting

I was sent Financial Accounting by Professor in a Box to review for you. Let me just start by saying…whoa!

This is not your average high school accounting course. This is much more like a college level course. In fact the guy teaching it sounds just like a prof! I can see him standing in front of a class in some college somewhere.

I very much like the way this course is set up. It is all there in the box (thus the name!). It is simple in its set up and format, but that’s where the simplicity ends. This is a thorough course. The creator of Financial Accounting claims that you can take the Accounting CLEP test after completing this course and pass for college credit. That’s quite a claim. He even gives you 2 different lesson plans depending on if your plan is to use this for college credit or to take the CLEP test.

This course is not full of fluff and nonsense. There are few bells and whistles; it gets right down to business. It expects the high schooler to be mature enough to follow the simple instructions and the format of this program and do the work.
Personally that pleases me. I get worn out by curriculum that wants to hold the hand of the teenager or expect me to do it. We’re raising young men and women, let’s expect more.

The following is a little information from the Professor in a Box website to show you how, exactly to use this course. I like how you can adjust this class to fit into your needs. This is usually tricky to accomplish in a CDRom style curriculum.

The course is comprised 12 chapters which are covered in 28 lessons (including exams). Students can work through the course in the following formats:

• A traditional college semester format (September through December or January
through May) working two lessons per week for 14 weeks.
• An entire academic year format (September through May) working one lesson
per week for 28 weeks.
• A summer school format (June through July) working three lesson per
week for 9 weeks.


None. Any high school level student with basic math skills (algebra) can handle this course.

Course Materials

The course has 12 Chapters each divided into 2 or 3 parts.

Basic materials for each chapter:
• Flash lectures – 2 or 3 parts, each part 15 to 40 slides
• Lecture slides to print
• Key Terms and Concepts (1 – 3 pages)
• Chapter Problems (4 – 15 problems per chapter).
• Note: some of the Chapter Problems are worked in the Flash lectures as demonstration problems while some are assigned as homework problems to be completed by the student.
• Solutions to Chapter Problems

You can go here to see a sample chapter and check out the price. And as always you can click on the icon below to see what others had to say about Professor in a Box: Financial Accounting.

Happy Homeschooling!

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