Thursday, January 14, 2010

Worship Guitar Class

My boys have been taking guitar lessons from a friend for a year or so. The boy they’re taking lessons from is classically trained, but he is only a year or two older than my boys. So far this has worked out really, really well.

However, when money got tight, unfortunately, lessons were one of the first things on the chopping block. They have not had lessons for about 6 months.

Enter Worship Guitar. Worship Guitar Class is designed for people who have never played guitar. The version I received is for children 10 to adult, but there is a younger version available.

My boys zoomed right through the first lessons mostly because they have some experience. I like the way the DVD slows down to show you the fingering and placement of the fingers. It also zooms in on the fingers. This is quite helpful for beginners. I also appreciate that the music being learned is Worship music.

Overall, my sons found Worship Guitar Class to be fun and engaging; they were able to learn some songs they did not know how to play, and that was a treat for them.

I am not sure how this DVD, as good as it is, would do with a child with no musical experience. I plan to try it out with my daughters in the next few weeks and report back on how it worked out with a child who has never touched the guitar.

Stay tuned for…Part 2, The Girls…

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