Friday, November 14, 2008

Rime to Read (Online Phonics Books)

For those of you with littles you might find this interesting.

Rime to Read is site with online, interactive phonics books. Here is what the website says…

Rime to Read is an innovative, exciting, 20 book set created for beginning readers. We developed and self-published Rime to Read to fill what we perceived to be a dramatic void in up to date materials for teaching young children to read. We are a team of three women , a Learning Specialist (Ph.D), a Reading Teacher (M.S.) and an illustrator. We have no previous business experience, but because of the effectiveness of our product, we sold out of our first print run of 2000 sets. Since then, we decided to change with the times and now offer our books VIRTUALLY. Customers on our website have 2 choices after purchasing our books. They can read the books on their computer monitors, or print them out at home if they prefer hard copies.

The response to the series from parents, teachers and children has been overwhelming. The following qualities make this product so unique and effective:

§ The program is tightly structured to insure success for first time readers, as well as older students needing remedial work.

§ The program uses color to support discrimination and reading of individual word patterns (i.e. fat, cat, rat…) also called rimes, chunks or word families.

§ The program uses illustrations to develop rather than simply reflect the story line, resulting is delightful, humorous stories which are very appealing in spite of their controlled vocabulary.

There are very few products that actually teach reading. Instead, there are many leveled readers, which provide reading practice rather than instruction. With Rime To Read, every single word is taught.

Not only are children successful as readers of Rime to Read, they love reading the books.

Now here’s what I have to say about it. This was a hard review for me because all my kiddoes are older now and I have blocked from my memory forgotten what it was like to teach them to read.

I do remember that they loved the Bob Books. These little Rime to Read books reminded me a lot of the Bob books only on the computer. Also you could click on some of the key words and the computer will say them for you. Cool. Bob Books didn’t talk to you. Some of the key words in the Rime to Read books are also color coded based on their pattern, and the reminder picture is on that page in the corresponding color. Again, Cool. (For instance the pig might be wearing red, and the word wig on the page is red) In the first book I didn’t realize how cool this was. But in subsequent books, when you have more words, the talking words and color coding are of more benefit.

Here is the nitty gritty: The Rime to Read Website is here.

The cost is broken down like this…, Rime to Read has 20 books available to purchase. Each package of 4 books costs $9.99 or you can buy access to all 20 for $44.99.

And you can read what my other Crew Members had to say about it here.

Happy Homeschooling!

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