Monday, November 24, 2008

Old Schoolhouse Magazine DEAL!

Who can pass up a good deal like this?

With all of the bad news about the economy in the press, we want now, more than ever, to encourage homeschoolers to keep going strong in the Lord. So, we're doing something that we've never done before.

For the five days of our Black Friday Sale, shoppers can actually buy a ONE YEAR subscription to our magazine, for only $7.95!

That's the price you would usually pay for just one copy of our magazine at the bookstore. But for these 5 special days, November 26 – 30, 2008, shoppers will get a whole year (4 issues) of TOS mailed directly to their home.

Plus, there's more! Every subscription to The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine includes a subscription to our monthly, subscriber-only E-Newsletter, Teacher's Toolbox. Each issue includes a free E-Book from such companies as Hands of a Child, Amanda Bennett Unit Studies, Brandenburg Unit Studies, and more. Packed with teaching tips, field trip ideas, and hands-on activities, our subscribers will receive almost $250 in free E-Books through Teacher's Toolbox!

I have subscribed to this mag for a long time and really like it. I paid A LOT more than $7.95! :o)

If you click on this link, it will take you to The Old Schoolhouse Store. It's not up yet. It will be by Wed.

Happy Homeschooling!

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