Saturday, December 6, 2008

Salem Ridge Press

I was sent some books to review from a company called Salem Ridge Press. Salem Ridge Press’s founder is Daniel Mills. Here is what the website says about him.

Daniel Mills the founder of Salem Ridge Press, lives in Pennsylvania with his family. He is a homeschooling graduate who loves the Lord and desires to serve Him and other people, especially other homeschooling families, through his business. In his early teen years, he read two particular old books, At Seneca Castle by William Canfield, and Our Fellows by Harry Castlemon, that so impressed him with a desire to see them republished that the idea was planted of someday doing that himself.

There are many, many wonderful books that Salem Ridge Press has published though they don’t sell them directly on their site. If you go to the SRP site, you can read a little more about the company, the books they have re published, their reasoning for publishing books from the 1800’s and the early 1900’s and where you can purchase them. I especially like they have listed various small businesses that sell their books. I like to support the little guy when I can.

The three books I received from this company where Glaucia The Greek Slave. Mary Jane and Her Book, and The White Seneca.

My girls read Mary Jane and Her Book and loved it. It is a gentle and sweet story and I can hand it off to my girls without fear of the poor examples of rudeness and backtalk and overall unpleasant behavior of the characters in many of today’s books aimed at this young age group.

The White Seneca I have skimmed and really liked. We will be reading this as a read aloud after the holidays are over because it fits right in with were we are in history. Glaucia the Greek Slave we’ll read next year as a read aloud with when we get back to World History.

I have to say that I just LOVE old books. The language is so beautiful and almost poetic in these books. I love for my children to be exposed to this kind of language and am so glad there are companies like Salem Ridge Press publishing these little gems from Ye Olden Days.

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