Sunday, December 14, 2008


I was given a subscription to Time4Learning to use and review for you. What is Time4Learning? You might ask, well this is what the website has to say…

Time4Learning is an online educational program consisting of math and language arts curriculums from preschool through eighth grade. As a bonus, we include science and social studies. Students use it for homeschooling, as an after school tutorial for remediation and enrichment, or as a summer school replacement. Time4Learning has thousands of members across the country and globe.

Whether mainstream, gifted, or special needs, Time4Learning provides a flexible, student-paced approach. Children can be placed in different levels by subject. For example, a child might be in fifth grade language arts but fourth grade math.

Can I use Time4Learning as a homeschool program?

Time4Learning is a home-based program used for homeschooling or as a supplement to traditional education. The majority of our users are homeschoolers. Some choose to use Time4Learning as their core curriculum; others use it as a supplement. Our program correlates to state standards. we recommend reading our free “Welcome to Homeschooling Guide”. Our Getting Started Guide also explains how to use Time4Learning as a homeschool program.

I used this program with my 3 youngest children and they found it to be quite fun. I especially enjoyed the literature that you can listen too and read at the same time. This was a boon for my dyslexic children. I was not terribly fond of the math portion and my youngest daughter and I had some trouble figuring out some of the games.

I am not sure I would be comfortable using this program as the sole curriculum for my children, but it is an excellent addition. I can also see using this in the summer months to keep the kids fresh and help their brains not turn to mush. My children did not feel like they were doing ‘school’ since they were on the computer and I did not get many complaints when I gave them an assignment on Time4Learning.
I can also see that Time4Learning would be an excellent solution for a mother who was sick, for an extended period of time or to use the first few months after having a baby.

I am glad that here are things out there like Time4learning to turn to when things get tough, or when we need a change, or just for a little extra learning fun during the summer.

You can read about the pricing structure for Time4learning here.

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