Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Little Man in the Map

I have another book that you must have. It is called The Little Man in the Map. It has cute little rhymes to help you remember the locations of the states. How cool is that!?

The main Character is Mim which is short for MinIow MisArk Lou. The name is just silly enough to be memorable.

We’d only read over the book one time when we found ourselves at a RV dealership looking at RV’s. At the dealership there was a huge map taking up most of the wall. My 9 year old daughter walked up to the map and said “Look Mom, there’s Mim.”

“What’s Mim?” The salesman asked.

“It’s short for MinIow MisArkLou. See…” and she pointed to and named Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, telling the man how Minnesota is his hat. Iowa is his face, Missouri is his shirt, Arkansas is his pants, and Louisiana is his boot.

Needless to say the man was duly impressed and I was beaming with pride. Though we know how pride goeth before a fall, and there was an incident where the kids almost knocked over a display shortly thereafter, but that is a post for another time and a different blog, ahem.

The story goes on to give little sayings to help kids remember the various placements of the other states, but to see that you’ll need to buy the book. Really. It’s cool. It’d also make a great Christmas gift. I’m just sayin’

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