Thursday, January 15, 2009

Online Writing Course

I have found a new tool to add to my language arts arsenal. This website, Time4Writing, offers writing courses for varying age ranges. The thing that makes it unique is that the courses are only 8 weeks long, and broken down into specific sections. Personally, I love this.

My 8th grade son needs some help in specific areas of his writing, but not all areas. I would find it a waste of time and money to sign him up for the entire 8th grade year because many of the things offered for 8th graders, he does not need. I signed him up for Beginning Essay’s and will probably have him take Advanced Essay after he has completed this class.

You can go here to see how it works (click on Login as Guest and it will take you to the demo page), the FAQ's page is also full of helpful information. Basically, the student signs up, sees the first assignment, does it, and sends it in to the teacher. The student then waits for feedback from the teacher before progressing.

The program is somewhat self paced, in that the student can do the assignments at their leisure throughout the week, but cannot go on ahead on most things until they have gotten feedback from the teacher on the last thing they turned in. While the program is not totally self paced, it does afford some leeway in exactly when the assignments are done.

I have found so far, the teacher to have positive comments and constructive criticism.

My 8th grader just started this week, and he has enjoyed it so far. (well, as much as an 8th grade boy can enjoy essay writing) and I am pleased as well.

You can go here to see what they offer, and their pricing structure.

I will write another review of this program at the end of the 8 weeks, telling you how the class went in total.

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