Thursday, February 26, 2009

Heads Up!

Heads up! is a company that was new to me until they sent me their stuff. IT is not curriculum, but it will help your homeschool run smoother.

Heads Up! Is a company that focus on products that help children differences, no matter what they are. We were sent...

Large Heads Up! Frames in 6 colors and

Small Heads Up! frames in 6 colors

Heads UP! readers in 6 colors and a clear one

Heads Up! double Time in two colors

Heads UP! top of the line in two colors

These are really wonderful little items. They make great bookmarks and are quite useful. I have left them sitting out and have been surprised at which ones the kids have chosen to use. One of my students prefers the one line exposed at a time and another child prefers the frames, specifically the green one.

These items are very very well priced. You can go here and peruse to see what they have. This company goes WAY beyond these line highlighters and color frames. They have an enormous selection of items to help students learn.

I really liked their catalogue. I think the catalogue is a little better laid out than the website.

You can go here to see if they have something that might help you and your students learn better.

Happy Homeschooling

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