Friday, May 1, 2009

Memoria Press

I was sent two different items from Memoria Press. One was Famous Men of Rome, and the other is Latina Christiana. I was very excited to receive these items. I must say here also that Memoria Press is a wonderful company to work with. They were extremely nice and helpful and easy to work with. As far as home school curriculum companies go I give this one an A+.

Here is how it works…You read the story about the famous man, then the student spends the week doing the exercises in the Student Guide. The Student Guide is broken down into four sections per ‘Famous Man’. These sections are Facts to Know, Vocabulary, Comprehension Questions, and Activities. You could easily make this last two weeks per ‘Famous Man’.

I love the idea of teaching history through the stories of the men of that time. It is a very engaging way to teach history. My children loved the stories and did not complain to heartily about the ‘workbook’. We are not generally workbook people so this was new for them. I was pleased at their response. I plan to continue this program as our main history text next year. It worked that well for us.

You can go here to find out more about the program and see the prices, and here to see what others had to say about Famous Men of Rome.

Now to Latina Christiana

Honestly Latin scares me. I don’t speak Latin, in fact, if I’m not mistaken, no one speaks Latin. I have been told by many however, of the great benefits of having your students go through a Latin course. I have always wanted to do it. I would look at a program at the conventions, begin to get twitchy, and put it back and run away.

Initially I felt the same twitchiness when I looked at Latian Christiana, but because I was supposed to review it, I did not put it down and run away. Turns out, after some investigation, teaching Latin with this program is not quite as scary as I initially thought. In fact, here is the first sentence in the book… “Latina Christiana is designed for parents, teachers, and students who have no background in Latin or foreign language.” Hay! That’s ME!

Then I went on to the meaty section of the Teacher’s Manual and I found this quote… “This grammar overview is designed for the teacher who has no background in Latin. It is not necessary to understand it fully. Read carefully and then go on to the teacher guidelines. The content of this section will become clear as you teach the course.” Again, ME!

We did a small portion of this program and so far my favorite part is he pronunciation CD. Very helpful.

This program is designed to be done in one lesson a week doing a little each day.

Again, this program is one that we will continue to use as part of our main curriculum next year. I am very excited to dive fully into this program. Me…doing Latin…who’d a thunk it?

You can go here for more info on this program and for pricing and here to see what others had to say about his program.

Happy Homeschooling!

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