Monday, June 1, 2009

Mystery Unit Study

Are you looking for something light and fluffy and fun to do this summer with the kids? During the summer we like to keep it light, we like to watch too much TV and eat too much junk and drink too much soda and get sunburned and go see the early cheep movies where the movie is almost irrelevant and it is really the cold theater we’re after.

But in between all the summer silliness, we also like to do something slightly educational. I try to disguise it so it appears fun. Often they don’t know they are learning. Sadly my kiddoes are getting a little old for this educational trickery but I still have to give it a shot.

I love Five in a Row as I believe I have mentioned a time or twenty and I am often on the FIAR boards. There are a few moms over there who have come up with a great Mystery Unit Study! I LOVE it. I have requested several of the books/movies from the library and we’re going to have a bit of a Mystery few weeks, complete with playing a lot of Clue if we can ever find all the pieces! (I LOVE that game, though it seems somehow wrong to call out to your impressionable children “It was Professor Plum with the lead pipe in the conservatory” with glee in your voice, but I digress).

So head on over to Julie’s Blog and Debbie’s blog for some great Mystery Unit study ideas, and have fun tricking your kids into learning!

I plan to try to do a few more fun type entries this summer. Light, easy, fun family learning is what I have on the agenda for this summer. And the pool. I think I see a water unit study on the horizon…

Happy Summerschooling!

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Sarah .aka. Mamalotsoftots said...

Ahhhh. I LOVE Clue!!! I'm hoping my DS is going to be good at it and give me a run for my money. :) I'm definitely going to check out those blogs and see what's good there. Thank you SO much for sharing this!!