Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Mathscore is an online math program developed by MIT graduates and created by Steven Yang. MathScore can be used as a complete math program or as a supplement for another curriculum. I can even see this as an excellent way to keep a student’s skills sharp throughout the summer months. This program is perfect for homeschoolers but also excellent for those in traditional school.

It is a little complicated to explain how it works because there are several ways to use it, so I will direct you here for a demo. With my students, I have them sign on, then go see where they left off. They need to get 100 points in a specific area before they move on. They click on the topic at hand, then go to the mini lesson and read how to do the work and look at some examples worked out for them. Then I have them go to the sample problems and work a few out and then check them to see if they get the hang of it. When they’ve done this to my satisfaction I have them do a few worksheets. The worksheets are timed so that is why it is a good idea to know what you are doing when you begin.

I appreciate how MathScore sends a detailed email to the parents weekly, telling me not only how they are doing but how they are spending their time while on the site.
As a parent, I appreciate this site’s thoroughness. I like the way it is set up and I like the information I receive on how my students are doing.

2 of my 3 students like this program and one does not. I am not surprised however at the one who does not. He has a very hard time with math and really needs a lot of hand holding. A computer curriculum, while helpful for keeping his skills sharp, would not be a good idea for his complete curriculum.

Overall, I like MathScore and think it will find it’s niche in the homeschooling and even traditional schooling market. It’s a very well done program.

You can go here to find out more about MathScore and you can click on the icon below to see what other Crew Members had to say about MathScore.

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