Saturday, February 20, 2010

Presidential Penmanship CD Rom (Zeezok Publishing)

I was sent Italic Style Presidential Penmanship Complete Program from ZeeZok Publishing. This CD Rom contains enough handwriting practice for a student’s entire education, on one CD Rom. I can’t express how much I appreciate this!

I am pretty much beyond penmanship with my students being that the youngest is in 5th grade, but after receiving this program, I can see the benefits of daily (or at least weekly) practice for my older students as well. Handwriting gets sloppy after a while and a refresher is a good idea. This is such an easy program to use. No workbooks sitting around taking up precious space on bookshelves.

I used it like this. I grabbed the CD Rom, printed off the 5 pages that I would need for the week per student, put holes in the paper and stuck them in the student’s handwriting binder. They grabbed the binder daily and, doing their best work, write out the passage right there under the quote on the paper in the binder.

After a year of this, not only will your student have very good handwriting, but your student will have copied down some very wise words from some of the wisest men in America. It’s a win/win!

There are several different types of handwriting to choose from, you can go here to see the choices. You can go here to see samples of what you get on the CD Rom. (there is a sample of each style of handwriting)

I think this is a simple, wonderful idea. The idea of buying all those silly workbooks, for the children to copy down nonsense, and then throw it away at the end of the year has always bothered me. This is a wonderful solution to that problem.
I would love to see Zeezok come out with this program using scripture as well. Wouldn’t that be lovely?? Perhaps some of the more common AWANA verses??? (hint, hint, wink, wink)

You can go here to see the prices (VERY reasonable for an entire 12 years worth of handwriting practice!) and you can click on the icon below to see what others thought of Presidential Penmanship and the other things Zeezok has to offer.

Happy Homeschooling!

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