Saturday, March 27, 2010

Children's Bible Hour Ministries

I received four soft cover books from Children’s Bible Hour Ministries. The Season’s of Faith series. These books contain stories about the seasons of our lives; new life in Christ, growing in our faith, God being with us during struggles and temptations and death.

I was impressed with these books. They were good quality and had a good message. Sometimes those two seem mutually exclusive, but not in these books. These books are a little young for my children and I wish I’d known about them when my kids were little.

They come with a CD where the book is read aloud. Having two dyslexic children, I would have absolutely loved this when my kids were younger! Finding quality books and audio versions is hard to do.

The Children’s Bible Hour Website says this about the book series "The Seasons of Faith illustrated books encourage children to learn about their faith in God. Based on CBH Ministries’ treasure trove of radio scripts, these stories teach core truths of the Bible so that kids can easily apply them to their lives. Each book focuses on a season of faith-developing topics. Teachers and Parents: see the website for Discussion Questions which reflect on the seasons of faith in your lives."

The books each retails for $10. If you use the code FREESHIPAPR15 between March 17 and April 15, 2010, you’ll get free standard shipping with the purchase of the 4 book set.

You can go here to see what else Children’s Bible Hour has to offer and you can click on the icon below to see what others had to say.

Happy Homeschooling!

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