Sunday, May 23, 2010

History of the U.S. AP Exam Prep

Exam prep for the digital age.

Let’s face it, our kids are learning in a different environment then we did. I mean, I learned to type on an actual typewriter! I felt blessed to have the electronic version to learn as opposed to the old version. My typing class was high tech! Now they don’t even teach typing anymore. Kids are seemingly born knowing how to type thanks to the age in which they are born.

Remember the way we used to have to study for tests? The flashcards, the notes, the books, the reading and re reading and then re re reading! Well, our students have more in their study arsenal than I would have thought possible!

I was sent to review for you, a nice little video from Cerebellum/Standard Deviants. It is the History of the U.S. AP Exam Prep. I watched it with my daughters who are way too young for this type of thing, but they found in engaging and interesting none the less.

Now, the thing with these DVD’s (and this company has many of these available on many topics) is that they’re not supposed to teach you the material, just help you study for the test. They are assuming you have already learned the material. This is a good thing because they don’t use the term ‘light speed’ lightly. These are fast paced videos with lots of interesting graphics and bells and whistles.

The price is very good for these DVD’s. If I were going to be taking an AP exam, I would definitely we willing to spend the $14.98 (On sale now for $11.24, by the way!) to get one of these video’s. It’s just one more way to study for that test.

You can find out more about the Standard Deviant Video series here and as always, you can click on the icon below to see what others had to say about this product.

Happy Homeschooling!

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