Thursday, August 11, 2011

This Year's Curriculum Line Up: Girl Edition

The Girls Together -

History/Civics/Government – this year we’re going to go through several books. I am not so much concerned about grade level as I am the subject matter. Last year we did early American history, this year we’re doing Revolutionary War on. We’ll be using several different things.

Exploring American History

Land of Fair Play

Story of the Constitution

Story of US DVD Series

Map Work – You’d think with all the traveling we do that the girls would have a good grasp on how a map works, but I am realizing that they do not. I picked these simple workbooks up for us to go through.

We did a simple state study las year along with our History, so I thought this year a map study was in order. Again, this is below their grade level, but it had the material I wanted to cover. I imagine it won’t take us much time to finish this study. We’re also watching How The States Got Their Shapes on the History Channel together. I have learned a great deal watching that show!

Bible – Daily devotions. The girls both received some really nice daily devotional books from their grandmother recently, so we’ll use those. For a deeper more in-depth study of the Word they will be using Christian Liberty Press workbook E taking us from Genesis to Ruth.

That is the extent of what we will be doing together.

Evelyn will be taking at co op…

Biology using the Apologia book

Spanish 1

High School English ( She will be taking the Accuplacer to get into the community college after this school year and this course will be very good in helping her be ready for the essay portion of the test.)

Algebra 2 (She will do Geometry next year. I like to do Algebra 1 and 2, then geometry)

Annika will also be doing on her own, at home with me...

Several Amanda Bennett Unit Studies – This is one of the very few things that I like better in the digital version! Annika pops online, reads what she needs to read, clicks on the various links given to her, watches some videos, and then does the assigned work in her binder. It is really easy on the mom and Annika loves it.

Math - Saxon Math 7/6 with CD, also using MATH U SEE, Math Mammoth, and Keys To books as needed. (we’re struggle a bit with math here. I plan to use the scope and sequence of the Saxon, but we have several different curriculum with which we can learn the material if she begins to struggle.

Science - Apologia Elementary Anatomy with Journal

English – We will skip around some for English as well, using several different methods and curriculum. She will do copywork daily in her Unit Study. And she will write a 5 paragraph Essay after each study.

I have a couple Total Language Plus guides we may go through.

I also have the Learning Language Arts Through Literature Tan books. We will read the literature assigned, and do some of the unit.

Grammar - Grammalogues

Literature - She will be reading the books to go with LLATL and I will assign her several books that go along with our history studies.

For Co op Annika will take…

Helper in elementary PE Class
Strategy and Logic
Elementary Spanish 2
Speech Club

Tomorrow...the boy!

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Kat said...

Great post! My oldest is starting 7th grade this year. We use Time4Learning for our core curriculum, and it's wonderful, but he really likes to take the Science and Social Studies/History concepts further. It's fabulous for us (key words, for us, lol) for language arts and math, but this year I'm looking at more to add for science and history. I am going to check out the Exploring American History that you listed and I'm definitely going to get the Story of US DVDs...I think he would love those, as well as the rest of us! :)

Again, great post and thanks for sharing!