Saturday, October 3, 2009

College Prep Genius (2)

Remember College Prep Genius?

Well, we’ve been spending a bit more time with it the last little bit and let me just say…whoa! We’ve barely scratched the surface! There is SO MUCH in this curriculum. Honestly I wish I’d had it with Will before he took the SAT & ACT. He’s not really interested in taking them again. And really he does not need too for what he is after. He’s already on the college track for what he wants to be (Paramedic/Fireman though he is also considering Nursing School after he becomes a Paramedic).

I can see how very useful this will be when it’s time for Bob to start thinking about the SAT/ACT, which will actually be sooner than I would like to admit!

Here is an excerpt from the book…

College Prep Genius contains hidden secrets and little-known patterns found on the SAT and PSAT/NMSQT/NNSQT tests. By unraveling these concealed codes, students can score higher on these tests and in return receive up to full scholarships/full ride to colleges of their choice.

The book goes on to show you how, by using various acronyms and test taking strategies, you can really improve your score.

Yes, you must know the material. My guess is that a third grader could not take this course and get a great score on the tests, but, for those who are on grade level and ready to take the tests I believe that this course will help immensely.

If you go check out my first review on College Prep Genius, you can see the pricing structure and what others had to say about it.

Happy Homeschooling!

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