Monday, September 28, 2009

A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks

I’m pretty sure I have mentioned a time or fifty my non crafty nature. I can sew a little bit and I can crochet. That’s the end of my creativity. Give me a book or let me write and I’m happy. Paper and glue and scissors do not make me happy.

Enter A Journey through Learning and the dreaded lapbook…

I have used some material from A Journey through Learning before. We did a Government Unit Study during the elections that I reviewed here.

It was a well done study and we really enjoyed it so I decided to give the lapbook the old college try. I was sent 5 lapbooks to do...

We choose to start with the Autumn study. I gathered all the material, which consisted of file folders, glue, pencils, markers, a stapler and scissors. All things we already had here at the house.

I printed out the study and extra sheets so both girls could make one and we got started. Turns out, I was not required. How wonderful! I know that sounds terrible but if it is up to me to get these girls to do a lapbook we’re in trouble because, as I previously mentioned…not creative.

Basically, the girls looked over the directions and (my favorite part) the PICTURES in the directions! Then they assembled the file folders the proper way. They then read the first segment and began the activity that went with it. Then they did all the cutting and the drawing and the pasting. They LOVED it. It was really simple. I think my favorite thing about this study is the pictures. Not just drawings (though there are some of those two) but actual photographs of the finished product so the girls knew exactly where to put the things in the folder when they were done making them.

Honestly, if you’re new to lapbooks or of the very word makes you twitchy I HIGHLY recommend trying one of the many lapbooks A Journey through Learning has available.

My daughters are in 5th and 7th and in my opinion, the perfect age for a lapbook like this. For them it was reinforcement of things they already knew and not new learning, but they really enjoyed it. I think if you go too much below 2nd grade, the mom would have to be heavily involved. Which is fine, unless you’re like me and do not enjoy the cutting and the pasting.

I have no doubt that we will quickly make our way through the rest of the lapbooks A Journey through Learning sent me, and then I will have to purchase some more. We did our lapbooks last thing in the day when everything else was already done, and it seemed a good motivator to help keep them on track throughout the day and a nice way to cap off a day of school.

You can go here and check out all A Journey through Learning has to offer and see their prices here. (VERY reasonable pricing!)

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Happy Homeschooling!

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