Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Super Star Speech.

I have three games from Super Star Speech to review for you today. I have Covering the Continents, Planets and Silly Snail Game.

Covering the Continents is a game about; you guessed it, World Geography!
This game helps the students learn basic geography and facts by ‘settling’ the countries

Planets is a multiple choice card game about the planets. This is a fun way to help cement what a child has been learning.

Silly Snail Game is a board type game where the player advances through the game by identifying the part of speech in a sentence correctly.

Honestly, I was not sure how I was going to like these E-games. How does that work? Seems strange to have a game that comes out of my printer; but I have decided I like it and here’s why.

Let’s be honest. Kids are not going to flock to the game cabinet and choose these types of learning games. They are going to play them because Mom said they can play a game instead of writing something for school one day!

I can buy this game, (FOR $3.50!!) for a very reasonable price and print it off in whatever quality you want. If you think you’re going to use it a lot, print it off in card stock and laminate it. If you just want to play it a few times and then move on, just print it off on regular paper and then throw it out when you’re done. The upside of this is that it’s on your computer and you can print it off again if you want!

Super Star Speech also has a speech program to offer, in fact this is it’s bread and butter. It is designed specifically for homeschool families to use to work with their own children, which is brilliant!

You can go here to find out more about Super Star Speech, and you can click on the icon below to find out what others have to say about Super Star Speech (including reviews for the speech program!)

Happy Homeschooling!

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