Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tales From Terrestria

I received two books from author and evangelist, Ed Dunlop to review for you. They are books 1 & 4 in the Tales from Terrestria Series.

These books are set in the same mythical world as his first series, The Terrestria Chronicles. The Terrestria Chronicles are…
Book One: The Sword, The Ring, The Parchment
Book Two: The Quest for Seven Castles
Book Three: The Search for Everyman
Book Four: The Crown of Kuros
Book Five: The Dragon's Egg
Book Six: The Golden Lamps

These books should be read in order. At the end of the series, the story stops. It is finished; however, as Mr. Dunlop says on his website, there are more Terrestrian stories to be told. Enter Tales From Terrestria.

There are 3 books so far in this series though Mr. Dunlop plans seven stories total. They are stand alone books that can be read in any order.

The Quest for Thunder Mountain, The Golden Dagger, & The Isle of Dragons are the titles available now in this series.

I was sent The Quest for Thunder Mountain and The Isle of the Dragon. As I do with most books, I skimmed them, and then handed them off to my reader, Eve. She is the right age for these books and she has read many, many, many books written with this age group as the aim, so she is usually able to give me a good gauge as to the books appeal.

Eve liked them okay; they were not her favorite however. I think, though she was not able to articulate this, she is turned off by books with an overt ‘message’. A story should have a purpose or a point, to be sure, but if the point is so strong that the story gets lost, then something is wrong.

However, I as a parent understand how scary it can be to just let your child lose in a library. There is a great deal of garbage out there. I do appreciate that there are authors that are creating works of fiction that tell a story, are interesting and fun, but don’t offend me with their overt agendas or put things in a story that have no business being in a book marketed to pre teens.

I think this series would especially appeal to boys. It is the type of book you would expect to find much magic and sorcery in because of its fantastic nature, but it contains none. This will be a HUGE selling point to many.

Overall, I think these books are worth adding to a home library. My book snob was not 100 percent impressed, but she did read them both and then ask if we had the original series. I think she may have been more intrigued that she let on.

You can go here to find out more about Mr. Dunlop's books and you can click on the icon below to see what other Crew Members had to say about these books.

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