Friday, January 28, 2011

Ten Marks

I was sent TenMarks to review for you.

Overall it’s a good program and would make a good addition to your math line up.

It works like this…

You tell them what grade your student is and what state they live in. It generates a personalized math program for your student. It sends you your ‘worksheet’ homework via email so your student knows exactly what they are expected to accomplish. Your student starts by watching the lesson. Then they do ten problems per ‘worksheet’. If they get stuck, they can also get 3 hints per problem. There is only one problem on a page at a time, which was good for my dyslexic. Less to confuse her.

There are ways for you as the parent to go in and reorganize the topics you want your student to do and even delete some altogether. You can add in from other grades, which is a nice feature. Say your student just does not get fractions, but is on grade level for everything else. You could add the fractions section from the previous grades into your line up.

You can also use TenMarks simply as a supplement and not worry about the ‘worksheets’ they send you but simply go into the Practice area and have your student do the lessons they are week in or need help on. can watch this video that tells you (probably better than me!) how the program works.I will admit that it took me a while to figure some things out on the site. It was not as intuitive as I would have liked and I had trouble finding the directions to some things. Also, I recommend starting your student a year behind where you think they are, unless they are advanced at math. I found with both of my girls that the grade they were in was a bit too hard for them so we had to go back a grade.

I think TenMarks would make a good stand alone math program or simply a good supplement to your current curriculum.

Their pricing structure is as follows (from their site)…

TenMarks is affordable for everyone and offers a money back guarantee.

Options (per student)

$10 a month

$49 for 6 months

$89 for 12 months

You can go here to find out more about TenMarks and you can go here to find out what others on The Crew had to say.

Happy Homeschooling!

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