Tuesday, February 1, 2011

City Creek Press Times Alive

Times Alive is a downloadable computer ‘game’. The program helps students learn the times tables by creating stories you see played out on the screen, while listening to a song about the math facts. You can watch videos; you can color pages on the computer, and you can listen to songs and take tests.

I have a dyslexic student I’m trying to teach the times tables to right now so this was very timely. She enjoyed playing on the computer and learning her math facts at the same time. I even noticed her using the little ditty’s she learned from Times Alive when she was doing her math. I think, like any skill, the more they practice the better they do. We are continuing to use the tried and true flash cards, but I believe adding Times Alive to our arsenal will help out. It’s fun for the student, it works, and she can do it by herself on the days I’m busy. What more can a homeschooling mom ask?

Times Alive has several ‘Kits’ to choose from, as well as the Times Alive CD Rom, which retails for $48.95.

To demo the product you can go here.

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Happy Homeschooling!

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samzech said...

Hi, any updates? Did this work for your student? ty