Monday, February 7, 2011


I was sent VocabAhead’s DVD ROM to review for you.

This is a simple product with a simple idea that works very well. This is simple a list of words in audio and video format with usage sentences to help you remember the word.

The videos are not actually videos. They are still frame cartoons (not animated), or drawings. Something to look at while the narrator is reading the word and the usage sentences to you. It’s just one more way to help cement the word in the brain.
I was not terribly happy with some of the usage sentences as they seemed sort of negative, or even odd. It seemed to me that they could have come up with several different options and I was sometimes confused as to why they chose what they chose. However, this was only the case for a few of the words.

There are more than 1000 SAT Vocabulary Videos with MP3 audios files on this disc. VocabAhead also has a book if you’d prefer to learn that way. I did like the fact that you could easily transfer these little ‘videos’ or just the audio version, to a portable device like an itouch or ipod.

The VocabAhead DVD ROM can be purchased for $24.99.

The book can be purchased for $12.95.

You can go here to see more about VocabAhead and see many examples of the product, and you can go here to see what others on the crew had to say about VocabAhead!

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